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You have one life to live… Make it count!

Photo by Deji Olatunde

I started my journey into photography in 2009 after working in the management consulting industry for 7 years with the last 4 being with Accenture. Click here to follow my journey.

Photo by Deji Olatunde

Being a consultant is very different from being a real life entrepreneur. I have learnt a lot and will be sharing my entrepreneurship challenges, victories, learnings and thing I am working on here.

Lessons from Life
Photo by Deji Olatunde

The greatest teacher you can have in life is Life itself. But you can only benefit from its class if you pay attention and apply your heart to wisdom. I have been a good student and will gladly share my learnings here.

Life is a buffet. Grab a plate step up to the table serve your self. You sit waiting to be served, you lose.

Deji Olatunde

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What is Life?

I have often asked this question… “What is life? What is it really about?”

We are born, we grow, we reach our prime, we grow old, we die. Some are not even privileged to grow old before they die. Regardless, whether rich or poor, fair-skinned or coloured, polished or unrefined, death is certain for all. The only details that may vary is how, where and when. For a privileged few, the day is known ahead of time. For others, it comes when they least expect. But one thing is certain, come it must. It is that appointment we must all keep.