Set… GO!

And the journey begins.

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. I am super excited with the fact that I am blogging again after about 10 years of being off track. Let me tell you my story.

I was encouraged to start by Adeolu Akinyemi in 2004. I took on the challenge and within a short time, my cluster map began to show dots (which indicate readers) from Lagos, Abuja, and other parts of Nigeria. As the local dots grew bigger, little dots began to appear from other parts of the world like, USA, London, and Russia. It was about that time that I truly began to appreciate the power of blogging. I began meeting my readers in real life and it was always encouraging to hear how one post or the other changed their lives or provide clarity on certain issues they were facing. As a matter of fact I made a number of quality friendships through the blog. Many of them are still my close friends today.

About the time things were beginning to get interesting, one day, as was my practice I sat behind my PC to blog and tried logging in to my WordPress account to make a post only to be shown the error message notifying me that my blog did not exist. At first, I thought it was a joke but upon contacting my web administrator, he made some inquiries and confirmed to me my worst fear. My blog had been deleted from the hosting company’s server! Here is what happened. The web administrator’s company that was handling my hosting, had migrated all their clients from the hosting company’s server unto another hosting company’s server but somehow omitted my data. After a 3 months safety grace period elapsed, the hosting company deleted all the Webmaster’s client files on their server. My web files, which had not been backed up, were deleted for good in the process.

After he broke the tragic news to me, I began crawling the web, copying my articles from cached sites. They then set up another site for me and I began reposting the files I had found. Just when I was beginning to get into the groove again, my site was hacked! All the content I had re-uploaded was deleted!! I was determined and went at it again but again, but my site was hacked and most of the content deleted. I repopulated it again but I was hacked again. This happened a total of eight times. So I decided to throw in the towel and focus my energy on other things.

In the last few years, I have had a very strong yearning deep down to get the blog up and running again as I know I still have a lot to offload before my time on earth is done. Today, I am answering that call and going back to active blogging (so help me GOD). To those who were readers of my old blog, please come around. Like fine wine, my business, marriage, and general life experiences have given me a deeper and more interesting perspective on life. So it promises to be an even more interesting journey. And to those stumbling upon my blog for the first time, please join me on this journey as it promises to be a rich, authentic, and rewarding experience. I will be sharing loads of stuff I have learnt in my entrepreneurship/ business journey, in marriage, photography, and life in general. Please feel free to comment, contribute, or send private messages via the contact page. Your comments and contribution are the oil that makes these wheels move with ease.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.

Yours truly,

Deji Olatunde

2 thoughts on “Set… GO!

  1. I must confess, I’m impressed with your doggedness and the inner strength you mustered to come on again despite all obstacles. I draw from your strength too to make the best of life (one chance) despite my age and deliver all the “goods” in my possession before I bid the world farewell. God bless you my brother and son.

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    1. I am honoured. Thank you very much ma. You and daddy are already doing a fantastic job. May GOD continually give you the grace and strength to deliver and complete the work He has entrusted in your hands. Amen.


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