What is Life?

I have often asked this question… “What is life? What is it really about?”

We are born, we grow, we reach our prime, we grow old, we die. Some are not even privileged to grow old before they die. Regardless, whether rich or poor, fair-skinned or coloured, polished or unrefined, death is certain for all. The only details that may vary is how, where and when. For a privileged few, the day is known ahead of time. For others, it comes when they least expect. But one thing is certain, come it must. It is that appointment we must all keep.

I attended my friend’s late mum’s burial today and even though the full tribute service, service of songs, and full funeral service could not hold because of the COVID 19 pandemic, it was still a solemn ceremony that helped put things in perspective again.

The important question is are we going to be ready when it comes? Nobody ever expects to be the next. In the silence of our hearts, we ask questions or make statements like

“How can I really be next when I have a whole life ahead of me?”

“I have my life planned out for the next 5 years and everything looks bright and promising. It definitely cannot be me.”

“I just started my business and things are looking promising.”

“I am getting married next month how can I possibly die?”

“I just had the most adorable kid in the universe, how can death take me away from her?”

“I am very useful to my company and my absence will disrupt a lot of things so I definitely cannot be next.”

These justifications can go on but for each of them, we can find people who were in these same positions and still passed on.

I don’t intend to frighten you but it is just helpful to think through these things from time to time. Perhaps if we did our priorities may be a bit different. Maybe we would not take ourselves so seriously. Or abandon the upbringing of our children in the hands of total strangers. Maybe we will use our GOD given resources, talent and Office to help more instead of to oppress and make life difficult for some. Maybe we would not take the life of another just to make a few million bucks or occupy a political office, or win a contract. Or perhaps we would not sell our soul or kill our consciences in exchange for power, money, and influence. Maybe we would not have had sex with a complete stranger just for cash, a Chanel bag, a promotion, or an appointment. Perhaps we would have been quicker to forgive that brother or friend against whom we have been holding a grudge and probably not speaking to. Perhaps we will stop procrastinating and start doing, stop shying away from challenges and taking them head-on, or even stop taking some non-essentials so seriously. Life is for the living, it is short and not promised to anyone. How can we make the best of it?

Now that this has been brought to light again, what will you do differently?

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