How To Avoid Clutter In Your Space.

Want to have a less cluttered space? Simple… PUT THINGS AWAY IN THEIR PLACE IMMEDIATELY YOU FINISH USING THEM! You wake up in morning and get up from your bed, dress your bed immediately. You are cooking and using knives, bowls, cups, pots… wash them as soon as you are done and you will not have have to face the challenge of washing a sink load of crockery when you are done. You get back from the office, instead of dropping your shoe along the way to your room, simply take them off by the shoe rack and place them on the rack immediately. Put your clothes on a hanger immediately you take them off, hang them where they air immediately and transfer them straight into the wardrobe when they are “dried” or throw them straight into the laundry basket if they are for wash instead of just piling them up on the bed or shelf. Clear your desk at the end of each. File documents at the end of each day before going home instead of letting them pile. And it goes on and on

I believe your get the drift by now. The big challenge now is clearing the huge pile you have built. Remember you do not have to do that all at once. You can handle it systematically, start by clearing one space gradually and when you are done, move to another (while practicing the tip shared above). Gradually thing will take shape. 

Please feel free to ask any specific questions you may have. If I cannot answer, I am sure a fellow reader will be able to.

Have a clutter free life. 😉

Deji Olatunde

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