How To Avoid Clutter In Your Space.

Want to have a less cluttered space? Simple… PUT THINGS AWAY IN THEIR PLACE IMMEDIATELY YOU FINISH USING THEM! You wake up in morning and get up from your bed, dress your bed immediately. You are cooking and using knives, bowls, cups, pots… wash them as soon as you are done and you will notContinue reading “How To Avoid Clutter In Your Space.”

What is Life?

I have often asked this question… “What is life? What is it really about?”

We are born, we grow, we reach our prime, we grow old, we die. Some are not even privileged to grow old before they die. Regardless, whether rich or poor, fair-skinned or coloured, polished or unrefined, death is certain for all. The only details that may vary is how, where and when. For a privileged few, the day is known ahead of time. For others, it comes when they least expect. But one thing is certain, come it must. It is that appointment we must all keep.

How To Achieve “Type 2” Expert Status In Your Service Field

In my last article, we looked at who an expert is and how you can identify them. This raised the question “how can I gain the experience to be a Type 2 Expert if nobody will give me the chance to work with them seeing that I do not have the required portfolio or skillsContinue reading “How To Achieve “Type 2” Expert Status In Your Service Field”

How To Find A Competent Service Provider.

Your new car has developed a problem, you dropped it off at the mechanic garage, they “fix it” and billed you so much yet after one day of driving the car you discover the problem still exists and another fault has developed in addition to the existing one. This is very common in Nigeria, notContinue reading “How To Find A Competent Service Provider.”